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Company Profile

JLP, One Of The Professional Manufacturer Of Stamping Parts. 

Our main market sectors are including Electronic & Telecommunications and Automotive Industry components.

We aims to work with you early in the design phase of your Stamping Parts,  to collaboratively innovation, new next generation product solutions, that help you become recognized leaders in your field. 

To be successful in this mission, JLP and its employees gear to work closely with Customer, to accept the challenge, and to deliver total quality with an international perspective.

Equipments & Capacity :

Pressing Machine : 315 Tons Fine Blanking Machine (600 Tons Fine Blanking Machine)

Speed : 450 Punch / Minute

Metal material thickness is from 0.08 m/m to 9.0 m/m

Metal material Wideness : 400 mm

 Fields :

Stamping Pressing Parts / Fine Blanking Parts / Spring / Terminal / Electronic  Component


If You Want To Ask The Cost Down For All Of Your Metal Components, Pls Contact Us !

The Tooling Charge Could Be Free, If Your Order Quantity Is Big Enough



Contacting Person : Mr. M.L. Yeh

TEL  : 886-4-733-2888

FAX : 886-4-733-2899

Mailing Address  : No. 31, Lane 541. Sec. 4, Chang Hsin Rd. 508, Changhua, Taiwan